Contributionb. Conducted (and reported) trials of "therapeutic" rabies vaccine in humans during presumptive prepatent period of disease.
NotesJune 12: declined to use the vaccine on a man and his child because such use not considered justifiable on available evidence. July 6: used the vaccine in prepatent period in human for first time. The famous Joseph Meister case. Dried rabbit spinal cord; 13 injections (progressively "stronger") over 11 days. Injected by physician Grancher, in notable absence of physician Roux. No clinical disease ensued. Method (material and sequence) had received limited testing in dogs, but not in presumptive prepatent (post-bite) period. Oct. 20: the Jean-Baptiste Jupille case. Oct. 26: Both cases reported at meeting of Academy of Sciences. Jupille case then still in progress.
Pathogen ClassViruses

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