Contributiona. Tested a "therapeutic" rabies vaccine in humans with clinical rabies, obtaining equivocal results that were never reported.
NotesMay 2: Pasteur and Roux injected attenuated rabies into an adult man with clinical rabies, in an attempt to halt progress of the disease. The man recovered, but the diagnosis and the long-term outcome were uncertain. June 22: Pasteur arranged for the administration of attenuated rabies to be injected into an 11-year-old girl with clinical rabies. The girl died. Pasteur did not disclose these trials. In both cases the vaccine was an emulsion of dried spinal cord from rabbits dead from experimental rabies. This method had received little meaningful therapeutic (post-bite) testing in animals. The hope inspired by the first case (before the diagnosis became suspect) may have encouraged the prepatent trial 6 July.
Pathogen ClassViruses

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