ContributionDemonstrated transmission of bubonic plague by flea.
NotesGarrison gives the name as Simonds in the text, but as Simond in the index. Ackerknecht omits the final 's' and attributes the discovery to Simond and Ogata. See entry for 1897 Ogata. The original paper is cited by Busvine (J. R. Busvine, Insects, Hygiene and History, 1976) and is probably authoritative regarding spelling: Simond, P. L., La Propagation de la Peste, Ann. Inst. Pasteur (1898) 12, 625. Knowledge that the germ of plague (Yersinia pestis) could be transmitted by fleas from rat to human was to have enormouis implications in attempts to control the disease.
Pathogen ClassBacteria

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