Contributionb. Reported that anthrax blood was non-infective after heating at 55 C for 10 min.
NotesThough not pointed out by Geison or by Debré, it is of interest that Pasteur (a known admirer of Davaine's work) recommended a similar degree of heating in his original "pasteurization" of wine. Unlike Pasteur's several predecessors in preserving wine by heating, Pasteur knew that preservation depended on suppression of microbial growth, so Davaine's work would be particularly relevant (and was published in France one year before Pasteur worked out his method). This is certainly not to imply that Pasteur applied Davaine's method to wine instead of blood, but rather to suggest that Davaine's report might have provided some guideposts for Pasteur's choice of test temperatures.
Pathogen ClassBacteria

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