ContributionReported Trichomonas vaginalis in male and female reproductive tract.
NotesAlphonse Donné. Garrison erroneously gives his first name as Alexandre. Donné's report was followed by more extensive account in 1837 (q.v.). Garrison and Morton say Donné was the "first to describe living organisms in pathological conditions, as observed by modern methods." Kean, Mott and Russell, in their 1978 book, regard this as the first report of the organism as "a cause of venereal disease". Others have said that he did not attribute the disease to the organism. Donné was an expert microscopist (some six years later he was the first to describe blood platelets). His photomicrograph of the parasite was the first of a systemic human pathogen; see 1845.
Pathogen ClassProtozoa

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