ContributionWith Kilborne, issued classic report on Texas Cattle Fever (babesiosis) including vector transmission.
NotesTheobald Smith and Fred L. Kilborne. Included causative agent (Pyrosoma bigeminum = Babesia bigemina), vector (Boophilus bovis = B. annulatus) and immunization. The protozoan agent had been seen by Smith as early as 1886. Tick transmission had long been suspected (see Gamgee, 1869), and confirmed by Smith and colleagues over a period of four years (1889-93). Issued in 1893 as reports for 1891 and 1892. First transmission of a protozoon by an arthropod. See Babes, 1888. Garrison 4th gives reference to a publication (preliminary announcement?) by Smith in 1891 (Med News. Phila.). A preliminary announcement by both authors appeared in Veterinarian 65: 352-352, 1892 (cited by Katz; see 1892). See Malone, J. B., Vet. Parasitol. 33: 3-29, 1989 (includes an account of the role played by Cooper Curtice, and points up the importance of the disease control made possible by discovery of the parasite and its mode of transmission).
Pathogen ClassProtozoa

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