ContributionDiscovered the enteric bacterium later known as Escherichia coli.
NotesPediatrician Theodor Escherich discovered the bacterium in the feces oof infants with diarrhoea. He suspected, but failed to demonstrate, a causative role in diarrhoea. He named the bacterium Bacillus coli commune. The discoverery and later popularity of E. coli as a research tool owed much to the ease with which it can be cultured. Its existence as a multitude of strains made it particularly useful in the study of genetics. Eventually it acquired importance in bichemical research and in genetiics at the molecular level. Garrison gives the year as 1886. REFERENCE: Friedmann, H.C. Escherich and Escherichia. In: Advances in Applied Microbiology Vol. 60 (A. I Laskin et al ,eds.) Elsevier, 2006. PP 133-196.
Pathogen ClassBacteria

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