ContributionWrote more-or-less contemporaneous review of history of bacteriology up to 1878.
NotesFriedrich Loeffler (alternatively spelled with an o-umlaut).Dexter H Howard published an English translation of the work in 2001: Lectures on the Development of the Field of Bacteriology, Rutledge Books, Danbury CT. (See reference section of Germ Theory Timeline.) Reviewed by K. Codell Carter in Bull. Hist Med circa 2006. Loeffler's book has a vast amount of detail, and the Howard translation provides ready access to treasure-house of information that has not previously been available in English. Carter, in his review, considered Loeffler's writings to favor German contributions over French, but states that his Lectures "cannot be ignored by anyone seeking to understand the development of nineteenth -century bacteriology or medicine."
Pathogen ClassN.A.

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