ContributionArranged two demonstrations of the role of anopheline mosquito in malarial transmission.
NotesPatrick Manson, who had prompted the work of Ross (see 1897), was apparently the motivating force behind two crucial confirmatory experiments. One was an epidemiological experiment in which malaria was shown to be preventable by screening windows to keep out mosquitos. A similar experiment had been done be Celli in 1899. The other, done concurrently in the summer of 1900, involved induced malaria in humans living in a non-endemic area. Through collaboration with Grassi (and Bignami and Bastianelli), anopheline mosquitoes were fed on a patient with malaria ((Plasmodium vivalx) in Italy, taken to England, and allowed to bite 2 subjects. Both contracted malaria. Patrick Manson-Bahr, in his book 'Patrick Manson' mentions only one subject -- Manson's son Patrick Thurburn Manson.
Pathogen ClassProtozoa

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