ContributionSelf-published a book on cure of diseases by killing microbes (undisclosed method).
NotesWilliam Radam: "Microbes and the Microbe Killer," published by Radam himself, New York, pp. 369. A self-serving work, because Radam sold his remedy "Microbe Killer" (in large ceramic flagons, one of which, like the book itself, is in the possession of Dr. Allen Laskin). The book makes extravagant claims, based on anecdotal "evidence" and, on cursory examination, gives no indication of the ingredients. It is thoroughly nonscientific, yet is of interest because it rests entirely on the concept of curing microbial diseases by killing the microbes [see Ehrlich]. It has many photographs, which Radam claims to be the first published photos of microbes [see Koch] and which includes a very good high-magification photo of a Trichinella larva in situ. This may well be the first published photo of that parasite. See Campbell, W. C. "Remembrance of Images Past" in Parasite: 8, S114-115, 2001.
Pathogen ClassGeneral

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